Amazing World Records For Food Preparation

Mexico Tops The World Record For The Largest Roast Pork Dinner

There no shortage of amazing world food records that includes bake-offs, cook-offs, and eat-athons. One of the more unusual ones is the world’s largest roast pork dinner. While not a traditional cook off dish, the Mexican group who is the reigning champion.

The event occurred March 6, 2016 in Merida, Mexico. The Fundación Produce Yucatán gathered 250 student volunteers to make a whopping 6,626.15 kg equivalent to 14,608 pounds of roast pork. The equivalent of over 7 tonnes of meat. They used a total of 47 ovens for the massive feast preparation and used a 50 meter-164-foot long serving dish.

The finished dish known as cochinita pibil, was served to the public with hand patted tortillas, pickled onions and habanero sauce. The culinary students who volunteered for the event to cook and serve were students from the Universidad de Technológica del Poniente.

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Amazing Russian Chefs Top The World Record With Breakneck Speed On The Griddle In Pancake Flipping

The love of pancakes in Russia is renown and made the Russian flour exporter JSC MAKFA invest in a record breaking effort to hire 16 chefs to break a world record for the largest serving of chef made pancakes ever created. The event occurred March 14, 2017.

By contrast to other pancake world records, the goal was to make the largest serving of pancakes ever made by premier chef’s. The 16-hired chef’s, worked three pancake griddles each for eight hours straight. They finished by making a world record 12, 716 pancakes. The pancakes were then served to the public in one of the largest pancake breakfast celebrations ever recorded. Each chef averaged 795 pancakes in eight hours. Incredibly, that’s almost 100 pancakes per hour!

UK Tops The World Record For Flap Jack Volunteer Cooks

Another pancake tossing event to see who could create the largest crowd of volunteer cooks for a pancake cook-off was achieved at the University of Sheffield in the UK on February 15th, 2012. The event organized 890 volunteers to make pancakes or as the Brits love to coin the phrase “flip the flap-jacks”.

This fundraising event that was called, “The Big-Flip”. It set a world record for the largest group of people cooking pancakes at a time. Each volunteer was able to take their own pancakes home.