Dad types and cake equivalents for you

Every person is a different one and as per the situations, they react differently. The way your dad was with you while you were a toddler is different from how he behaves with you today. As time has changed, your dad has also undergone changes for the betterment. But as per the personality goes, he remained the same – right? To celebrate any occasion, a cake is like the best kind of dessert or gift that can be presented to people. Father’s Day cake or the cake for dad’s birthday – have a look at the following cake types and shower it on your dad as per his personality.

Oats and carrot cake for the health freak dads:

Is your dad a health freak and from childhood made you taste all types of salads available? He would then be very particular about not indulging into the creamy and softy layers of cakes. So what you can do is make him an oats and carrot cake on his birthday or on father’s day. It is really a very healthy tip for you and your dad. Oats and carrots can be mixed with honey instead of sugar if the sweetness is a strict no-no for your dad.

Black Currant cake for adventurous dads:

Black currant is a different flavor that is not appreciated by everybody. Only those brave hearts who loves to explore the jungles and mountains can love a taste of black currant. On his special day like when he is returning after his 50th expedition, surprise him with a stylish black currant cake along with a new set of rucksack bag for him. He would be more than happy for the lovely gifts coming from you.

Red Velvet cake for luxurious dads:

There are people who earn to make their ends meet and then there are some people who earn for the passion of a high standard of living. A truly sensational and glamorous red velvet cake would be a prize for that kind of a dad who loves luxury. With that cake, you can also get a nice candle statue for him for his generous collection. On his birthday or on Father’s Day, you can get this lovely surprise for him.

Mango cheesecake for the sophisticated dads:

Some of the lucky people are born to sophisticated royal families and if you are one of them then your dad also must be having a lot of stories about your clan, art and craft materials from the yesteryears, and also some antique pieces of jewelry or gun or gramophone and all of these creates a nostalgia. To celebrate father’s day with such a dad get a mango cheesecake as the cake for father’s day.

Personalized cakes for the politician dads:

If your dad is a politician, people must be talking good or bad about him all the time and he is used to see his pictures on papers and advertisements. As a father’s day cake idea, you can personalize his favorite flavor of cake with the picture of his role model.