How Is Helping The Citizens

Imagine you’re someone living and working a full time job in Canada. You leave home early in the morning and come back late at night. This leaves absolutely no time for you to run to the grocery store and get ingredients for you to cook your meals.

Even if you do manage to procure the ingredients from somewhere, some days you are just not in the mood to cook.

What to do in those days?

Eat out or order takeout? Order a pizza or Chinese? This might seem appealing for once, but trust me, you’ll begin to hate pizza if you eat it every single day.

So, what to do?

Meal kits to the rescue!

Meal kits are specifically designed sets of ingredients and recipes that can be delivered as a package to one’s house. They make lives of corporate employees, students etc. that much easier, as they remove the hassle of going to the supermarket and cherrypicking the ingredients one wants for their favourite dish. Simply subscribe to a meal kit, and there you go, you get all the ingredients and recipes for all your meals!

Now, choosing the right meal kit can be a bit of a headache. Many criteria need to be considered. Some people may want a meal kit for one person. Some may want it for 3 persons, 3 meals a day. So, to cater to different requirements of the people, comes to the rescue. is a website, a very well designed one at that, which makes the job easier for citizens. It offers them a detailed analysis and comparison of all the big meal delivery services available in Canada. It compares them on the basis of the following factors-

  1. Locations that the companies deliver to
  2. How healthy is the meal
  3. Pricing range
  4. Profitability of the subscriptions
  5. How often new recipes are added to the kits
  6. How often ingredients are changed
  7. Number of recipes offered

One can obviously see the headache it would be to manually go to each brand’s website and compare them on the basis of the aforementioned criteria. does that exact job for you.

It has been an immensely helpful website for Canadian citizens and residents. It is assisting them in getting the best bang for their bucks, and helping them eat wholesome nourished meals in the process. Contributing to a nation’s health and economy, what more could you ask from