Scoring and Cooling – Important Particulars in Baking


In bread baking, points can also be known to as cutting, docking, or reducing. It’s basically a powerful cutting of dough to:

To produce number of within the gas, mainly co2, trapped inside the dough. This ultimately works well for the truly amazing rise once the baking process starts.

Allow the baker to cope with wherever their bread will open or blossom. This may substantially enhance the advantage of breads.

Create types in forms and search. It leads to the bread baker’s creative talent and marks his personal signature

Most bakers would score dough before baking to insure probably the most blossom and lots of attractive appearance. The very best tool by using this task is an extremely sharp straight or curved shaver recognized to just like a blame.

An ideal cut should not be any longer than ½-inch deep, within the 45-degree position instead of straight lower for the dough.


Baked goods, for instance snacks and breads, still prepare after being removed the oven. This really is frequently carryover baking, and is not done until internal temperature of baked goods is the same as 70 levels.

Throughout this cooling period, proteins and starches bond and solidify, making snacks, breads, as well as other baked goods firmer and much more rigid. It’s, therefore, not recommended to reduce breads, cakes, or perhaps eat snacks until they are completely awesome.